Saturday, May 2, 2009

and another sign

This is the other thing I've been up to this week.
My friend Ryan Mc. took my initial layout ideas and
transformed them into this beautiful piece of art.
Yay, Ryan!
I'm so glad, because this is a huge improvement over
what I handed him initially. I also love how the colors and
textures give it the look of a comic book cover.
This one we did order from the sign shop (Graphic Impact),
and I really like how it turned out. We got it in decal form,
and it was with great fear and trepidation that we peeled
off the backing and adhered it to a 4x5 foot sheet of plywood.
It turned out to be easier than expected, though, and now it's up!


Kelsea Nicole said...

Yay sign! I love it!

Susan Cepin said...

I'm stoked to be in a place where we can say, "Yeah, drive down Cloverland and look for the sign on your right." We've spent so much time in various buildings with no exterior indication of how to find us, just obscure directions: "Go around the back and look for a door that's open."
Yay sign!