Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring vacation

To wrap up spring break this week, we went to the Desert Museum. The kids love it, and it was really all the beauty of the desert wrapped up in near-80 degree weather. The place is called a museum, but it's more like a local wildlife zoo in a botanical gardens setting. It's a few miles out of the city, surrounded by rolling hills of cacti. The air is desert-quiet and sunny, which is a whole different kind of calm than, say, mountaintop-quiet and breezy.

I didn't do any painting while we were there, but these two did. I told them sometime we'd go back without any younger children in tow and spend the whole time painting and shopping in the gift shop (so grown up!).

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loca said...

Sounds so fun! I wish I could've gone too! I LOVE the Desert Museum. I think if we move back to Tucson I will get an annual pass!

Miss you!