Sunday, April 26, 2009

paper towel collage

I was the mom responsible for teaching the children at our church last night, so I took inspiration from Traci Bautista's beautiful book Collage Unleashed for the activity of the day. I went ahead and dyed the paper towels myself, which I was glad for afterwards (it would have been a crazy mess if the six 4- to 9-year-olds had done it), and just had the kids glue them down in little collages. The idea is to put the words underneath and they'll show through. My paper towels looked pretty thick, though, so I decided to transfer the words on afterwards. The words being the names of the books of the Bible. We've been teaching these to the kids via a song I remember from my childhood. I've been surprised at how quickly they're picking it up and how far they've pushed ahead through all the complicated names. Anyway, I think it will be helpful to them to know the order of things and where to find stuff, because the Bible can be intimidating to approach; I think the more familiar they feel with what's in there, the more accessible it will be as they grow up.
Maybe I'll post some pictures of the transfer process when I get to that part -- I've never tried it before!

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