Tuesday, February 3, 2009

painting spaces

Today's creative energies went toward transforming a
barren room into the husband's new office.
How 'bout that orange?


Layne Julia said...

Yeah! You started painting!!! that's so exciting :0

cori said...

wow, he has a real office!! so exciting! I can't believe the village finally has a home.

Kelsea Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, Elliot is getting so big! I love this picture of him. I love that orange too, so warm and happy.

Susan Cepin said...

Yeah, this is all pretty crazy. I love it! And as for Elliott, someone told me this week that he's so tall he looks like a five year old. Fortunately, he's still a snuggly three. Hi, Cori & Kelsea! I miss you guys.